Sunday, 6 July 2014


Something which we have but are always influenced by others.  Is it ok to change your choices?

There are people in my life who have always know exactly what they wanted. The husband, the house,  the babies.

I have never want the later.

I am not even sure about the former.

Sure my relationship is insanely important to me.  But what the next stage of that is I just don't know.
My house I am incredibly happy with and delighted we were in the position to buy it, but it's not the most important thing in life.
And children. Well. No.
I have always known that I wasn't sure.  I wasn't fussed about having them.  I haven't had the drive that others had, I haven't always had the desire that others have had. I have always been honest about it.

I always thought everyone knew this. I talk about it. I have always said it.

I remember being about 15 years old being asked about wither I wanted children.  I said no, but I was prepared for my mind to change.

17 years later and my mind hasn't changed.  Yet.