Tuesday, 21 January 2014


I am now officially on count down to moving.

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This has been a fairly long process. At times, fairly traumatic, and it's not over yet.
We decided to move last summer, we knew that it would be a little complex as we were selling two properties to buy one, but we knew it was the right thing to do.

I think we were lucky.  We looked for two months.  We offered on four places. On reflection, the only one of those four we would have been happy with was the very first place we offered on, and even then it's not quite in the right location.

What we got ticks all the boxes.  I couldn't quite see it at first,  I didn't fall in love with it as  I walked through the door.  Neither did Mr T.  He fell in love when he walked outside.

The garden is amazing.  He was sold.
Being four month later, we have got to know the vendors and I will confidentially say that they are lovely people, but their taste in décor, well, it's just a bit bland.

Ironically in the other properties that we looked at, although in much better condition and decorative state, I was able to visualise how we would change them quite easily.  This place is pretty much a blank canvass, yet I wasn't able to immediately see how it would become ours.

A number of things had aligned to get us in to view this place before it officially was on the market.  Looking at houses in our price range along with, literally, hundreds of others every weekend, meant we were fully aware of the need to make an offer quickly.

We did.  They said yes.  (It was a good offer, who would then want 30 couples, yeah, 30 couples viewing over the weekend.)  We agreed to move quickly and then things stopped.

OK, it never stopped but it certainly felt like that.
But then it was the new year, and suddenly we were on.

Now it's two weeks to go.
My "got to be in control" nature is going in overdrive, I am making lists, lists, and more lists.  I want the boxes to be here now to pack up.
I have a plan.
I know it wont work, but I have a plan that I am looking forward to executing.

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