Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Resolutions and wishes for the New Year

It's such a cliché to comment on how fast the year has gone, I really don't think that it has gone quickly.  We have done so much but been hanging on for more to happen.

2013 was the year of selling and buying.  Only we didn't quite get that completed.  So now 2014 will be the year of buying and moving.  Something that I am very excited about and can't wait to do.

Tear will be shed, of both sadness at moving on from my flat and excitement at moving in to our new house together.

We have a lot of shopping to do!  Furniture to be bought, kitchen to be bought, windows to be bought!  It will be a big start to the year.

It marks the beginning of the next chapter.  One which has many assumptions attached to it.  Children being the main one.

We are hoping that it will change our lifestyle, just a bit, as we will have more flexibility more freedom than living in a flat. (A great one!  But still a flat.)

There are lots of things that need to be done, starting with the packing, the bit that I love.  Followed by the unpacking, the bit that I am not so good at!

2014 what do I really want to achieve;
*a new job - that has to be top of the list, but more on that later
*success moving in to the house and making it our home
*better health news in the family, if that can't be achieve, pain -free prognosis
*fun with friends
*a fitter lifestyle

Most of all, to be happy and have fun.

I wish all of this too.

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