Friday, 15 November 2013

A very London winter

I love winter.  Actually, I love the changing seasons, Autumn to Winter would be my favourite.

Autumn and Winter in London is so colourful.  The transition of the trees from green to browns and reds and then the transition to the bright lights of the celebrations.

I don't work in the centre of London any more, I haven't for a while and although I do not live far away I tend not to go in to the centre at the weekend as it is crazy and chaotic, but every time I do I am reminded of how much I love London.

During my recent civic duty spell,  I found myself with an afternoon free and did what I love to do, wander and shop.

It was a pretty miserable afternoon of heavy rain, those of you who are familiar with Oxford street will know that shopping and rain don't mix as the endless maze of umbrella daggers which need to be dodged to achieve your destination.

So I skipped the need for an umbrella and headed straight for Selfridges.  I have a love that runs deep for Selfridges.  I worked there 10 years ago and had possibly the best time with my colleagues, but grew to appreciate the splendour of Selfridges once I had moved on and had the income to match my desired expenditure.

Glitter balls and sparkle

So I relish the opportunity to spend a couple of hours having a coffee, a champagne, a manicure, a blitz round the Christmas department, (if you are at a loss for ideas, book yourself and appointment with an Elfridge!)

It's too early, even for me, to talk to enthusiastically about Christmas, but if you want to feel immersed and pretty much find everything you want (go with a hefty budget), head to Oxford Street and hit Selfridges.  Enjoy it.

Oh!  And hit the make up counters they make you feel amazing.

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