Sunday, 8 September 2013

Road trip

We really wanted to do something that we hadn't for a cheeky we break away at the last bank holiday weekend.

So out came the road map and the planning started. (Actually we had to buy a new road map as the one we had was so old!)

We booked the Chunnel, which was a first for me.  I was really excited about it all.  Having grown up on a island I am still really excited by the thought of being able get on a train to France so being able to drive, I could hardly contain myself.

We packed up early on the Friday, breakfast picnic and a flask of coffee and off we went.

First stop was the Euro Tunnel.  That must have been the easiest journey.  Not only fast and efficient cheap too!

Once we arrived in France we hit the roads and got to enjoy what the French do very well open road.

Driving in France really is a joy.  The motorways are fast, the drivers, drive well and we sped through France laughing and joking enjoying ourselves.

Until, we reached Le Man, our first destination and realised that we hadn't looked up where the hotel was and didn't have a street map.  Out came the phones and roughly 30 mins of trying to figure out where we were.  
Booked in to the hotel we enjoyed an evening of exceptionally fine food.

Some amuse bouche with mains that we didn't know what they were.  We ordered in French, we conversed in French and we hadn't a clue what we ordered!  It was great.

A bottle of wine later and we hit the bed for the night.  

Ready to be refreshed for our second day of driving.

Do you do road trips? 

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