Monday, 9 September 2013

Road trip resting points

Our recent road trip was so much fun.

We normally have a sunny beach holiday around September time, just before the clocks change and it starts to get dark in the evenings.  This year however we didn't.  Our main holiday was at the very beginning of the summer back in June.  This was planned for a  while so we got organised early in the year and decided to go to France.

We wanted to do something a little different and a lot fun and we hit that.

We also wanted to treat ourselves (we do this far too often) but it has been a pretty emotional year and with the house hunting we have been living in limbo for a couple of months, it was great to have this to look forward to.

We stayed in two places.  The second place that we stayed in was everything you would want from a beautiful hotel.  Decadent but comfortable with exemplary service.

 This was the most amazing wardrobe.  Like a "trunk", the inside was lined and sumptuous.
By the time we left we had some serious bathroom envy.  What I forgot to take pictures of was the waterfall shower.  

Everything about the room was designed with comfort in mind.  The huge bed to the dressing room to the bathroom that offered the discreet facilities you want when on a weekend away (however long you have been together!)

We stayed at MGallery hotel Emeraude in Dinard for two days and thoroughly enjoyed them both.

I felt pampered and relaxed.

Where to next?

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