Sunday, 18 August 2013

Living in a different way

The last couple of months have been interesting.  We are selling up and moving.
What's to come of that remains to be seen, but I am enjoying us living in a very different way.

We hadn't realised how lazy we had become until the impending thought of a total strange looking around kicked in.

Nothing makes you tidy up faster!

We have now become those people who make the bed every morning, do the dishes every night, put the washing away and ensure the bathroom is spotless including toilet seat down.

I quite like it.  We normally have fresh flowers in the house but now they represent something different, almost like we are trying.

Yesterday for the first time since viewings began I was in when the viewers were due.  Not wanting the awkward dance around the owners, I vacated to sit in the park just as it started to rain, and just as the first couple arrived.

It's strange watching other people look at your home, where you can be your most private, but for some reason it is much less "home" now, and much more my "house" a tool to get to the real home, the house that we intend to spend a significant amount of time in.

The place where we will have friends and family to dinner, where we will spend short days and long nights curled up with some great music and even better wine.

It's were we will begin the next stage of our journey.

We just haven't found it yet.

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