Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Good food and great company

Where we currently live we are really lucky we are in the midst of many different great locations and a £30 cab ride from central London (a definite plus point after a great night out.)  

As far as a couple go, we enjoy each others company and can chat for hours about everything and nothing, this may sound strange but I know so many couple who really do not seem to have much in common and sometimes struggle with each other.
Thankfully we both share a passion for great food and great wines.
We were heading out to see a friends band a couple of weeks ago and stopped by Ponte Nuovo in Crystal Palace.
We had been here once before on a late sunny afternoon and had really enjoyed it, so were excited to be going back again.  We weren't disappointed.

Between the two of us we ordered, Spigola alla Griglia and Spagheti all' Aragosta.
The former being grilled sea bass with spinach and red pesto mash and the latter being spaghetti with half lobster in a fresh tomato, garlic, basil and olive oil sauce.

We had a great evening, had lovely wine and really enjoyed ourselves.  

It helped that the restaurant was air conditioned!

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