Saturday, 6 July 2013

New balls please.

We are loving the Wimbledon excitement at the moment.

Photo credit : Wikipedia

All that testosterone and all that power.  Don't get me wrong I think that the women are  bloody amazing too.  I have never played tennis, other than a failed attempt to pick up a racket when I was about 12 and realising I have zero upper body strength... it has never really appealed as a game to play.

Watching it however...

I love it.

I think I really got into it two summers ago and then with all the fun of the Olympics as well as Wimbledon last year I really started to think that this was great.

I will be cheering on Andy Murray (I always have) and I really hope that if he is unsuccessful he doesn't get lambasted by the odd mix of people who are pro British but anti Scottish.  Never quite figured that one out.

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