Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Gray skies

Knowing when you need to cry is a concept alien to a lot of people I'm sure.  For me it is fairly frequent.  Sometimes overwhelmingly so.

Right now I have nothing to not be grateful for.  I have a boyfriend who spoils me rotten. Not just for birthdays but day to day also. I have had a week away with my family and not wanted to kill any of them and now I am back at work where the comedy continues.

Why so sad? Well simply I'm not sad.  I just feel overwhelmed by emotion.  Exhausted if you like.

I try hard to control the tears as I know sometimes once I've started stopping is a challenge.  But sometimes I just sob.

And you know what.... I do feel better.

Those who have depression describe it quite differently and I still am not 100% sure of my doctors diagnosis, but maybe this is my black cloud.

Finding the way through it and finding the light at the end of the tunnel is worth it always.

Sometimes it a hug and a pretty bunch of flowers.

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  1. I know how it feels too. Having someone one to support you is really important.


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