Sunday, 28 July 2013

Wildlife weekends

We have found ourselves to be increasingly busy or the last couple of weekends.  They have been fun and thoroughly enjoyable but the number of plans which we have had has meant "life" has gone on hold a little.

The last two Sundays have been wildlife days, both in the city and in the country.

We currently live in Lambeth and have on occasion over the ten years I have spent in London gone to the Lambeth show.  This year seemed bigger, better and more organised than previous years and as such, more enjoyable.

The show is pretty random, in the middle of Brockwell park we were treated to jousting, falcon displays and more reggae music than I could deal with.

The birds we were treated to seeing were simply spectacular.  The grace and elegance mixed with the predatory reactions that you know can harm and kill.

Some people chose to cycle!

It's nice to do something a little different at the weekends and lovely to see that so many people supported a local event.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Gray skies

Knowing when you need to cry is a concept alien to a lot of people I'm sure.  For me it is fairly frequent.  Sometimes overwhelmingly so.

Right now I have nothing to not be grateful for.  I have a boyfriend who spoils me rotten. Not just for birthdays but day to day also. I have had a week away with my family and not wanted to kill any of them and now I am back at work where the comedy continues.

Why so sad? Well simply I'm not sad.  I just feel overwhelmed by emotion.  Exhausted if you like.

I try hard to control the tears as I know sometimes once I've started stopping is a challenge.  But sometimes I just sob.

And you know what.... I do feel better.

Those who have depression describe it quite differently and I still am not 100% sure of my doctors diagnosis, but maybe this is my black cloud.

Finding the way through it and finding the light at the end of the tunnel is worth it always.

Sometimes it a hug and a pretty bunch of flowers.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Happy weekend

Some times it's the small things in life that bring you great pleasure.

Starting the weekend with gin (left over from the duty free!) and raspberry lemonade.
 Having a cycle around the park in the hot sunshine.

This weekend we have had astonishing weather (a little too hot for me! but don't tell anyone!).  So we dusted down the bikes and went for a cycle around the park.
Before ending the day with some lobster spaghetti (more on that soon!)

With a couple of aching muscles today we are getting ready for a very busy week.

Have a great one everyone.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Haircare 101 - Mason Pearson

I have been blessed (or cursed, you decide!) with incredibly thick hair.  And lot's of it!

I realise that there are lots of benefits to this, but one of the major downsides is the tumble weed that I find all over the house.  I have even been known to sit in meetings and pull handfuls of hair out without really noticing!

I take after my mother in that respect and it becomes a continuous topic of conversation between us.  So you can imagine my delight when for my recent birthday I was given a Mason Pearson hair brush.  For those of you that aren't familiar, don't be put of by the website, it is dated and not very helpful, but that doesn't take away from the brushes.

The strange thing about the brush when you use it for the first time is sensation on the scalp.  You can feel the brush through your hair - and trust me this is not a bad thing.  The brush is designed in such away that it will stimulate your scalp and help to address all those pesky hair issues, too oily, too dry, flaky etc.
The scalp stimulation helps to distribute the oils away from the root thus removing the build up and making hair less oily.  It also helps to move the dead skin away from the hair as quickly as possible thus helping to remove dandruff. Are you still following!

It does sound a little like a one stop shop but I can assure you, my hair looks and feels amazing.  This is no ordinary hairbrush.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

New balls please.

We are loving the Wimbledon excitement at the moment.

Photo credit : Wikipedia

All that testosterone and all that power.  Don't get me wrong I think that the women are  bloody amazing too.  I have never played tennis, other than a failed attempt to pick up a racket when I was about 12 and realising I have zero upper body strength... it has never really appealed as a game to play.

Watching it however...

I love it.

I think I really got into it two summers ago and then with all the fun of the Olympics as well as Wimbledon last year I really started to think that this was great.

I will be cheering on Andy Murray (I always have) and I really hope that if he is unsuccessful he doesn't get lambasted by the odd mix of people who are pro British but anti Scottish.  Never quite figured that one out.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Clarins and birthday treats

Do you ever buy yourself a birthday present?

I know it's really decadent but I did make a couple of purchases in dutyfree. I would have been rude not too!

The last couple of trips we have been on we have had a very decadent time (read, spent a lot of money!)  This holiday was much more refrained and lovely all the same.  A big learning curve for us that we can have an incredible time with out blowing the budget.

It was also my birthday.  It's nice to be away for your birthday as it feels luxurious for me.

Even though I got spoilt and looked after incredibly well, I did buy myself a couple of lovely things at the airport.  Like a lot of people, I am a Clarins fan and currently my summer fragrance of choice is Eau-Ressoursant, it is light and summery and a change from Kenzo Flower which I have been wearing for years, and much easier to pack!  So I immediately took myself off to see what inspired me.

It was undoubtedly a tough choice but with the consideration of all the products I have at home it had to be facial products.  I have felt recently that my skin needs something just a little bit more, so back to an old faithful I went and beauty flash balm  was quickly added to the basket along with the facial tan, I used Clarins facial tan years ago and loved it.  They then changed the formulation and I wasn't such a fan, but stuck with it for a while.  Then I went with the pale and interesting look!  Now I have firmly acknowledged, I am ridiculously pale and really do look much "healthier" with a touch of colour on my face.

I find myself always going back to Clarins like the worn handbag and shoes you re-heel more than you thought possible.  They are just a great, quality brand.

What are your favourite brands?

*really not sponsored, just love the brand!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Flowers in the post

It's always lovely to receive flowers, any type of occasion represents a flower purchasing opportunity for me, but when they are bought for you and arrive as a surprise in the post, it is even better.

Thanks Mum and Dad.  Happy Birthday to me!