Sunday, 30 June 2013

Holiday heaven

Holidays.  Relaxation.  Food.  Drinks.  Maybe even a tan!

The only surviving holiday photo!
I have recently returned from a wonderfully relaxing week away.  It's been the first holiday in a long time that I haven't been itching to return and feeling frustrated throughout the week.  I totally switched off.  Well, OK, that's not entirely true.  I did check my work emails a couple of times.

We had beautiful villa with a beautiful view and the most spectacular weather.  I took some fabulous photos and was looking forward to being able to share my trip with everyone.  Unfortunately technology got the better of me, and all of my photos have gone.  No rhyme nor reason.  All photos taken since March, gone.
I know I know, of course I back them up.  Who wouldn't these days, it so easy... 

Well, this morning has now been a technology clean up morning of deleting, copying, moving, syncing and generally a long overdue session of  making everything work.

I now back up.

Drop box is your friend.

So apologies for the lack of beautiful

sunsets and fabulous cocktail shots.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Retro holiday style

 I love holidays. I love travelling,  I said it before and have no doubt I will say it again.   Holidays are great.

 Have been on a mission for a while to find something which suits me, I am curvy (fat) and generally stick with a one piece but last year branched out to my first ever (whisper it) bikini.

 It was made to measure my sugar doll and I love it and this year I ordered another one....the new one!

I prefer last year's purchase it just suit me better, but both are fabulous.

What's your summer style?

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Nailing it OPI style

Fingers always look fat in photos!

I love having painted nails.

I think they help to pull a look together and really make you love polished.  It's only fairly recently that I have been quite diligent with my polishing, normally twice a week. 

Opi is my current favourite brand and at the moment the colour is "uh oh roll down the window" a beautiful olive green colour.

What's your favourite colour and brand?