Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hey! I know you...

I have a strange love hate relationship with being recognised.

I have met a lot of people through my work and try as I might, I will never remember everyone.  I do try however.  When I see someone who I recognise I always believe that they will never recognise me or remember me.

Occasionally there are times when I am recognised, this is always a little weird like yesterday, I was casually waiting for the ladies in a local restaurant when  the lady in front of me turned and said, "hey, I know you!"

Slightly taken I back I sheepishly smiled not having a clue who she was, not ringing the slightest of bells with me and waited for some more.

"You were at the pub earlier!?"

Yes, yes I was.  And with that, the conversation ended and we went our separate ways.

Strange, weird, slightly uncomfortable.  Yes.

Have you been recognised recently?

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