Friday, 31 May 2013


When I was younger, it was often said that I was confident.

I was.  About some things, but not about others.

The things I wasn't confident about were the things that really shouldn't matter to a child/teenager.  How I looked.

I was always fat.

I was generally spotty and I didn't have good hair.

Or at least that's what I thought.

The reality was that I didn't know how to dress, I didn't know how to dry my hair, and I wasn't as thin as most of my friends.
I, like a lot of people, wish I knew then that I would be 28 lbs heavier now and wishing I was the size I was desperately unhappy with and that my hair would grow and I would figure it out!

I am pretty confident with how I look now.  I wear good clothes which fit me well, (OK, sometimes, I get it horribly wrong!)  but I know how to dress myself.
I have hair which kinda works for me and I care much less.

What I really wish was that I learnt to be confident when  I was younger by not being pegged against an ideal  which doesn't really exist for someone like me, and I only had the comparison of my friends and class mates, not the barrage of images on the television and in magazines that people have today.

Most importantly, I wish I knew that the girls who were thin in school, would all be pretty fat now, and that they are still not nice people.

That's the most satisfying thing of all.

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