Thursday, 14 March 2013

The best things in life.

I've been on a whirlwind of experiences lately.  Starting Starting with Berlin,  which was beautiful but cold, we then spent last weekend at The Langham.  What a spectacular hotel.  The room. The service.  The food.  Oh the food

 It was our anniversary.  Our 3rd..

 I will always acknowledge that we are lucky to be able to afford the things we can in life.  I know we are.   I work hard.   I live within my my means.  I have learnt.  But the Langham.   That was something else.

Every penny I paid for it went to charity, my justifiable expense!  It wasn't cheap but oh was it worth it.  I am love the little touches, the turn down, the chocolate, the bath, oh the bath.   When I booked they asked (good old telephone) why we were going.  Pleasure,  not business and most importantly, our anniversary.

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