Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sometimes you get what you deserve, sometimes you really don't.

 I received some news recently that left me quite shaken.  It also, as so often sad news does, left me questioning the priorities in my life and the general worthiness of it.

When you realise someone is slipping away from you, you appreciate them in a whole new way. The effects they have had on you. The effects they have had on others.  The unthinkable loss in many peoples hearts and mind.

This loss will be much more for my mum.  A friend who has helped her grow and become more independent than I recall as a child.   A friend who has made my relationship with my mother closer.  She will be missed more than we can currently imagine and I can only hope that before that day comes their will be gin and tonic, laughter and hugs and as little suffering as possible.

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