Saturday, 9 February 2013


Yesterday I posted some rather random pictures of my favorite hobbies!  There is something very refreshing about new purchases, but I did promise that this year would be less is more.

I spent almost a year, over two six month periods without work.  During that time I bought nothing as money was so tight and needed for much more important things (food, heating, it snowed a lot that winter!)

Then I got a job, a great job where I was paid pretty well and I spent! And spent and spent!

I like quality, I am not a fan of cheap clothes that fall apart after one wash, I grew upmwith a Grandma who bought pretty much exclusively Jaeger, Daks and Aquascutum.  Clothes she would spend on but wear for years and always look elegant and "together".

This is where my most recent purchases come in, less than half price in the sales but fabulous quality.
I dont splurge on things that I cant afford, all my purchases are paid for up front and I really wrestle with the commercial pressure to buy now, but I am working towards some classic pieces which I will get better at styling.

But I may have to buy the vintage burberry trench in my local store.  Navy blue, it really is a classic.

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