Monday, 18 February 2013

Just my opinion.

I read Sasha Wilkins letter in Glamour magazine with expected excitement (I love her work) and crashed with bitter disappointment.

As a magazine, Glamour has disappointed more frequently over the last couple of yes rs.  As a previous subscriber, I moved away from the magazine due to the all consuming celebrity nature which I just didn't tick my boxes.  But every now and again, I find myself reading it and enjoying it.  This weekend however, I found myself getting annoyed.
Maybe its just me, but I dont feel any need to tell someone, anyone, but especially not someone who is a very good role model, how we think they should dress.

Her Royal Highness, is a confident young woman who dresses under ( I am of course guessing) an immense amount of pressure to not be anything "too much" and she does so beautifully.  Choosing well cut, well made pieces which she has already demonstrated she will (whisper it...) wear again.  This is a great fashion statement, in an environment where we are pressured into buying and buying and buying, because "fashion" and "style" are about being new and current rather than about interesting and defined.  The Duchess of Cambridge is classic and modern.  She wears her clothes incredibly well and shows that it is possible to be "stylish", without being defined by your brands.

The Duchess of Cambridge, will I am sure always be defined by her choices, her baby's name, the choice of school, her sister riding on her tail coat, her parents new found fame, but ultimately, she should be defined by making her own choices, by buying from the high street, because she likes it, not because she was told to.

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