Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Joining a gym...

You would think should be a relatively easy process.  As part of my effort to look after my self more, I have, of entirely my own volition, signed up to 72 pounds of hard effort a month.

Not being a gym person at all, I didn't have many pre requisites but none the less I diligently visited two before deciding which I would join.

My main criteria for comparison where;
. Cleanliness
. Friendliness
. Ratio of normal people!

The first place I visited I was promptly told not to visit the other as they were better, confident/arrogant, you decide!

In essence he was right but only for my reasons. The "sales" person, was cocky and creepy, he made no effort to get my name correct and insisted on asking questions which I felt bore no relevance to ny quest. The changing rooms were shameful and the place was unbelievably expensive.

The alternative I thought as much better, less cockyness (although not none!) Far cleaner and less expensive (although still quite!).

Until that is I turned up to sign the contract, I had (all by my self, with no help), completed a registration form.  Thus firm asked for all the usual stuff. I know how to spell my name. I then had confirmed my intent to join over the phone so less cocky sales man filled in a contract for me. Or as it was a completely fictitious person.

I find it challenging to suppress my astonishment at the stupidity of certain little things in life (I sweat the small stuff. I am trying hard not too). My frustration was clear.


You didn't care about my name, hey that's fine, just fess up and admit it. Don't look at me with utter disgust. I got your name correct.

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